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The virtual learning & sharing assistant for child and coach

Who is CleverKids for?

All coaches focused on the same goal.


Successful use of ICT

Optimise preparation time

More individual help

Focus on growth

All coaches work together in function of the progress of the child


Learning content visible

Child practices meaningful

Clear mapping of homework

Child gets feedback

Speech therapist

Clients practice at home

Use digitools to motivate

Simple client sharing

Tele-logopaedics proof


Child at the centre

Blended support

Challenging offer at the forefront

Independent work possible

Feeling of competence

Our approach

Three overarching principles

Joint support

Child at the front

Parents, teacher, speech therapists together for the common goal: supporting the child


Together, yet separately

Everyone at their own pace and at their own level, taking diversity into account

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Accessible to all

One tool, widely applicable.
With built-in tools to support learning disabilities

Feeling of competence
You have a 'Eureka' feeling. I can do it.

Together you do more.
Feel part of the learning process.

You can be more independent.
You can start.


Helping children achieve their full learning potential

A shared mission

CleverKids must be effective, time-saving and above all promote a sense of success

Our child and coach friendly platform as a fixed value for students

Making online learning successful by stimulating talents and compensating flaws

Made possible by 

Developed with didactic expertise from daily practice

One tool, endless possibilities

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