For schools

Clear reports
One click differentiation

No need to prepare different sets of exercises for every child.

CleverKids creates a unique path for every child.

Press one of the buttons and all your students start practising.

You can also select your own exercises.

Children-friendly layout
Clear reports

Want to see which mistakes are made? Our report tool will show you.

All of your pupils receive clear feedback while practising.

No time is lost. So if a pupil makes too many mistakes, CleverKids will intervene.

One click differentiation
Child-friendly layout:

It's easy for students to find what they need.

In a single click they will be doing specific exercises based on their skill level.

Works great with very young children and children with specific educational needs.

For parents

No preparation needed

It's important to train your learning skills. As a parent it isn't easy to choose within the whole curriculum what's useful for your child. CleverKids does this for you. So without preparation, your child can always work on CleverKids.

Giving your child a boost

Connect your child with all the different coaches: teacher, family, coaches, ... .

Everyone works with your child within the same platform.

Sharing and learning are made easy for your child this way.

No preparation needed
Giving your child a boost

Based on years of didactic experience we provide your child with all the tools and methods for learning in a better way.

Our goal is to make everything self-explanatory.

For practice

Select specific excersises
Sharing documents and tasks

Want increased engagement of your clients? With CleverKids you've got the tools to give pupils ownership over their progress. Share tasks, to-do lists, documents, ...

Select specific exercises

Want to provide specific content based on your therapy sessions? Select the excercises you want your client to do at home. With some simple clicks you can create specific tasks.

Sharing documents and tasks

Want a clear understanding of your clients' progress? With CleverKids you get detailed feedback about the progress of each child.

The good thing is that your client already got the feedback when the mistakes were made.